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Perfect glazes as easy as one-two-three!
Gelling and binding agents are the most effective way to present perfect pastries. The sales success of pastries is not only depending on the taste, but as a matter of course on the appearance of the pastries as well.
PASTAROM Gel Neutral for the perfect coating.
Our crystal clear and fine powdered gelling agent.
  • Suitable for glazes and jellies, acid-resistant.
  • Quick and safe processing.
  • Just mix 50 g of PASTAROM Gel Neutral with 250 g sugar and 1 liter water and/or juice for the perfect coating of fruit cakes, desserts, pastries made from yeast dough, Danish pastries and lots more.
  • Packed in a 1,5 kg bucket.
  • The shelf-life is 24 months.
The advantages are „clear“
  • high quality of product
  • convincing optical appearance due to a high gloss surface
  • for attractive and shining pastries
  • economical in usage

More information

  • Crystal clear and fine powdered gelling agent
  • For a high gloss surface
  • Economical in use
  • 1,5 kg pail
  • Dosage: 50 g of PASTAROM Gel Neutral, 250 g sugar, 1 liter water and/or juice